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Innenarchitektur Hamburg


Giving public spaces a heart and thinking both economically and functionally - a task that we face with a keen sense of the respective requirements. The result is well thought-out usage concepts and intelligent room solutions without losing sight of design and aesthetics.

mein miniHaus


my mini house

Development of a miniHAUS for a senior citizen in Hamburg-Meiendorf. The miniHAUS integrates into the garden of the main house like a kind of gazebo. It is flooded with light and includes the garden in the tranquil living space.

Interior architecture Hamburg

Hamburg interior design

interior architect


The concept change from the current grammar school to a cabinet system grammar school necessitated the redesign of the corridor areas and the break room into places where the students like to hang out. In a school with a cabinet system, it is necessary to have a locker available for each student and to convert the public and traffic areas into places to stay.

Farbkonzept Gymnasium Hamburg

Color concept Gymnasium Hamburg

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