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It is only a successful Feng Shui if you do not see it as such in the room.

A complete office building with a large warehouse, planned and furnished entirely according to Feng Shui, can be found here:  Article in the "Bergedorfer Zeitung" on February 20, 2016

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an old Chinese teaching that we use as a toolbox in our design concepts. 
Feng Shui is a theory of harmony, with the application of which the energies of the cardinal points are brought into harmony with the residents and their rooms by means of shapes, colors and materials. Feng Shui has been known worldwide for centuries as a theory of harmony and supports it
  People to feel comfortable in designed rooms.
Feng Shui has laws that many people perceive unconsciously. The energy quality of the cardinal points is decisive for the design basis. Shapes, colors and materials are used in such a way that the energetic cycle has a stimulating and supporting effect. With the inclusion of Feng Shui, receiving rooms become giving rooms in which the user feels comfortable.

In all of our planning, Feng Shui aspects are always considered in the background. We also offer you the opportunity to create a Feng Shui analysis for you, which shows where and how the design of your rooms will bring the greatest possible benefit. This analysis is a 30-page treatise that should be understood as a guide.

Using the Feng Shui analysis, we develop a furnishing plan for you in accordance with your personal requirements and are happy to implement it with all the necessary trades. The implementation of the Feng Shui analysis results can of course also be implemented in the design of the rooms at a later point in time in order to get a better balance in your rooms through the theory of harmony.


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